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About Braden 2

About Braden

I believe your organization has incredible power to change the world. As you do this, the space in which you work and run your programs can have a massive impact on your effectiveness, good or bad. If you are considering building, expanding, or renovating, I want to help you dream, plan, and finish well.

Undertaking a capital building project can be daunting. The process is often long and complex, and poor decisions can be costly. I want to make sure you don't have to go through it alone. 

Since 2013, I have worked with a charity called Engineering Ministries International (EMI). As a project manager with EMI, I led teams of architects and engineers to plan and design facilities for non-profit groups in developing nations. Through these projects - children's homes, medical clinics, schools, and more - I've become adept at helping organizational leaders capture their vision, avoid unnecessary stress, and finish with a well-built and affordable facility. Click here to learn more about my previous project work.

Now, I want to use this experience to help you succeed in your project. I can help you:

  • Assess what you truly need in a capital building project

  • Analyze feasibility and do the proper planning up front

  • Align vision between leadership and board members

  • Contract the right design/construction professionals

  • Manage your project, advise committees, contribute to communications and funding strategies, and more.

More than anything, I am passionate about doing everything I can to help you and your organization change your community for the better. 

Core Vales

Core Values


Organizations are under increasing pressure to maximize their human and financial resources. Capital building projects carry a large risk of misusing these resources. I can help ensure that staff continue to contribute where they are most effective, relieve leaders to avoid burnout, and manage capital funds wisely.

Thoughtful Planning

When capital building projects fail, the usual suspect is a lack of proper feasibility and planning work. I can help organizations develop the “why, what, when, who, and how” to ensure project success.


I believe that an intimate understanding of your mission, vision, and goals – combined with true support and advocacy – is crucial to making sure your project fits your needs.


I strive to ensure that your organization, the community you serve, and the environment in which you operate continue to thrive and grow for generations to come.

Mission Vision


Tree Stream’s vision is to see non-profit and community-focused organizations finish their capital building projects with momentum, energy, and passion.


Tree Stream’s mission is to help non-profit and community organizations maximize their human and financial resources when undertaking a building, renovation, or expansion project through thoughtful planning, project management, and an unrelenting commitment to the organization’s best interests.

Where did the name "Tree Stream" come from?

In 2019, I led a team of civil engineers to Costa Rica to help a non-profit retreat centre that was losing its land to severe river erosion. We discovered that one of the reasons the land was eroding so quickly was a lack of deep-rooted vegetation.

On a river, trees with deep roots help to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion of the riverbank. The roots not only benefit the tree, allowing the tree to grow by drawing moisture from the stream and nutrients from the soil; they also strengthen and protect the surrounding environment.

Your organization is at its best when your roots grow deep. As your organization considers embarking on a capital building project, I want to help you further establish your roots – like a tree by a stream – to allow you to grow and better support the community that you serve.

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