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Planning that makes a difference

Most people agree that planning is important, but it can be difficult to commit to (and invest in) a truly thoughtful planning process. You're someone who gets things done! However, a thoughtful planning process - especially during early stages - can be the best investment you can make towards the success of your project. That process is my specialty.

As a new consultant, the evidence of my expertise in helping non-profits comes from my experience with a charity called Engineering Ministries International (EMI). I've worked with EMI since 2013, serving more than 10 different organizations around the world.


During my time with EMI, I've learned how to integrate the project management process with solutions to the unique challenges that non-profit organizations face with capital building projects.

Below are a few examples of projects that I've helped lead to success at EMI.

I'm excited to bring the lessons I've learned to help your organization too!

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