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Vida Children's Home



Tactic, Guatemala



Architectural rendering of the Vida Children's Home infant house

Rendering of the Infant House (produced by EMI Canada)

Impact Ministries has been doing great work in the area of Tactic, Guatemala since 2000. When they started, education was an enormous need as 80 percent of the adult population was illiterate. Now, they have built and continue to operate 10 schools in the area, where they educate and feed lunch to upwards of 1600 children five days each week.

In 2015, Impact Ministries leaders approached EMI about a new design project. They had noticed many babies abandoned at the local hospital over the years, and felt compelled to help. With both local and international adoption often not an option, they decided to start a Children's Home. They had the land, but needed a team of professionals to provide a phased master plan and building layout for Phase 1.

I co-led a 12-person team that included multiple architects, civil engineers and surveyors, as well as a structural engineer, and an electrical engineer. Our team came up with an effective master plan that utilized the limited build-able space on the mountainous project site, with sufficient room for infrastructure as well.

Early in 2020, I revisited the completed Phase 1 of the Vida Children's Home, which included staff housing and the infant house. I wrote an article and produced a video about the result:

The Vida Dream article about designing the Vida Children's Home
Braden managed EMI’s interdisciplinary team effectively, while placing a high value on input from the local community. He worked in a professional and yet personable manner. The finished product was of an exceptional quality.


Operations Manager at Impact Ministries Canada

Fully constructed Vida Children's Home infant house
Braden Swab measuring existing buildings on the Impact Ministries site
A nanny in the Vida Children's Home infant house feeding a bottle to one of the babies
A baby outside the fully constructed Vida Children's Home infant house
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