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Welcome to the Tree Stream Blog!

If you’re seeing this post – my first as I strike out on my own – you’re probably someone who knows me in some personal way (or you’ve stumbled upon this post from somewhere other than social media)

Either way – welcome! Thanks for checking it out.

My goal with this blog is to put some of the things I’ve learned about architecture, engineering, and construction in the non-profit world into words. It’s also an extra opportunity for me to learn, as each post will synthesize my knowledge with research, investigation, and the expertise of some of the great people I’ve worked with (watch out for guess appearances!)

I’m a big believer in collaboration over competition. Organizational leaders, especially those in the non-profit world, need to see “competitors” more as “allies” working towards similar goals. How many churches have built new buildings or renovated old ones? How many camps have found a good balance between developing for rental income vs. camping programs? How many park project have struggled to design with accessibility as a priority? We should learn from each other whenever and wherever possible!

Lessons shouldn’t need to be learned over and over again (insert “reinventing the wheel” cliché). There is, of course, more than one “correct” way to do these things. But again – let’s learn from each other, help each other out, and move forward together.

In essence, that’s what I want to do with this blog: provide a place where non-profit and community organizations can learn from the experiences of others who have been involved in the building, expansion, or renovation of facilities and infrastructure. Not everything can be distilled down to blog or article form (which is why Tree Stream exists), but hopefully I can help you start to ask the right questions…and answer some of them along the way.

What questions or topics would you like to see covered here? Let me know in the comments!

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Braden Swab is the founder and sole operator of Tree Stream Consulting. After more than seven years helping international charities design and plan their facilities with a Canadian charity called Engineering Ministries International (EMI), Braden is using what he learned to help non-profits in North America. He is a passionate problem-solver, advocate, and story-teller.

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